Table Reservation/Pöytävaraus
The best way to enjoy a night at our café is to book a table ahead of time. From the buttons below, you can reserve your own table and see the current table status.

Some tables aren't visible on the reservation system. If it seems as if we are full, please call us!
+358 50 566 2613
Reserving a table doesn't cost anything.
If you do not arrive within half an hour please call us or the booking will be released.

Our opening hours are:
Monday -Thursday 16:00 - 24:00
Friday 16:00 - 02:00
Saturday 14:00 - 02:00
Sunday closed

Paras tapa nauttia illasta kahvilassamme on varata pöytä etukäteen. Alla olevista painikkeista voit varata oman pöytäsi ja nähdä senhetkisen pöydän varaustilanteen.

Jotkut pöydät eivät näy varausjärjestelmässä. Jos näyttää siltä, että olemme täynnä, soita:
+358 50 566 2613
Pöydän varaaminen ei maksa mitään.
Jos et saavu puolen tunnin sisällä, soita meille. Muussa tapauksessa varaus vapautetaan.

Aukioloaikamme ovat:
Maanantai-torstai klo 16.00-24.00
perjantaina klo 16.00-02.00
Lauantaina 14.00-02.00
Sunnuntai suljettu

Café Boardgame pidättää oikeuden pöytävarausten muutoksiin.
Café Boardgame reserves the right to change table reservations.

How it works
How to find us
When you arrive at Eerikinkatu, walk straight until you see a tunnel on the left of you. The tunnel has huge lettering across the wall saying "Café Boardgame". Walk through the tunnel and walk upstairs. As you come in walk a couple steps to the right and we will greet you straight away.

Our cafe can only be reached by stairs and there is no ramp.
The interior has narrow corridors. The toilet facilities have not been taken into account for people with reduced mobility.

Ordering process
When you come at the counter our staff will explain how the system works. First you pay the gaming fee, if you're planning to play. If you have any questions regarding our menu, just ask!

Eating your own food and drinks is prohibited!
We hope you will use our extensive food and drink menu. We will update the list according to wishes.
Anything else
Our staff will assist you with any questions you have. If you need help choosing a game to play or a drink to drink, our staff will gladly ask you some questions and curate a gaming experience just for you. If we have time, we can even give a short tutorial on the game or even play with your party if there's a player missing. Our establishment is a safe and fun place for everyone.

Our operations are based on trust. We assume that you treat our board games well when you play them. We hope you will return the game to its proper place. We take it for granted that you will not break or steal games or their parts.

Our cafe is allergy-free, so pets are not allowed indoors. (Guide dogs allowed).

noppamokka is here!

Hyvät asiakkaat!

Olemme kehittäneet yhdessä pienpaahtimo Charlotan kanssa maistuvan ja lempeän kahvisekoituksen!
NoppaMokkaa saa myös ostaa kotiin vaikka lahjaksi. Yhdessä NoppaMokan kanssa maistuu ihanat leivonnaiset. Nyt saatavana myös tummapaahto.

Dear customers!

Together with the small roastery Charlotta, we have developed a tasty and gentle coffee blend! NoppaMokka can also be bought at home, even as a gift. Together with NoppaMokka, you can taste our wonderful pastries. Dark roast now available.


Paladin is here!

Hyvät asiakkaat!

Meidän oma oluemme on täällä! Tule maistelemaan.

Dear customers!

Our own beer is here! Come and taste.


Promopelejä pelautetaan sekä myydään Caféessa, lisätietoja ja osallistumiset discordissa.
Yhteistyössä Fantasiapelit sekä Lautapelit.fi

Promo games are played and sold in Café, more information and participation in discord. In cooperation with Fantasiapelit and Lautapelit.fi

Mukana yhteistyössä illallispelien osalta: kauppiaskauppinen
Involved in cooperation regarding dinner games

Need a snack or a drink?
O U R . M E N U
Most of our menu is made from scratch, with love in our very own kitchen
The thing we are crazy about
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+358 50 566 2613
Eerikinkatu 14
00100 Helsinki
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