Join in HobbyGroup Gloomhaven every Sunday

We will have Gloomhaven going on every Sunday at Café Boardgame. This is one game what dominates top list and for my opinion is best Dungeon Crawler. If we have lots of interested people coming we can have multiple copies on tables. You can just hop in or make your own character I have few apps to follow progress even multiple scenarios. We will teach you game so no previous experience needed.

Hobby Group idea is learn new games and find new friends to enjoy boardgames and that is why normally in Sunday there is one scenario of Gloomhaven and then other games or more Gloomhaven =)

You can comment below if you are interested to join any of these sets.

Party NameStarting time MembersScenarios
Verilöyly17:005 / 42 / 99
???15:00?? / 4? / 99
!!!15:00?? / 4? / 99

Café Boardgame

Normal game fee or hobbyist pass

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