Blog for our Gloomhaven. [Contains minor spoilers]

Gloomhaven started last Sunday 25.11 plan was to teach two groups game and get first or even few scenarios. First Group had five players to handle one level higher enemies. When we finally got it running tanks Brute and Craigheart took lots of damage but still stand up thank for Tinkerer who was doing lots of healing.  We also had Party Bears (second group four players) without tanks but they planned so well that all fights was almost handled without any damage or just minor hits and Tinkerer was wondering when she should heal.

Both handled well first room and second room started to parties to work well. But leader bandit had his own plan he somehow managed to stall game so much that mercenaries needed to get another missions. So he is still stayed his own safe lair but this will change next Sunday…

Now we have two groups and more than 4 players so please comment down here who is coming to first set at 15:00. Also if someone who have not come before can also inform  to join in games.

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